About this Directory

This directory allows you to search contact information from the University of Toronto phonebook as well as email addresses from the UofT institutional email service, UTORmail. The information is refreshed daily from the phonebook at 3:00am.

Where possible, job titles are sourced from the UofT Human Resource Information System by matching individuals in the phonebook with HR personnel records.

For changes and/or corrections to the phonebook information, contact the directory coordinator in your department. Click here to generate the list of coordinators.

If you do not want your UTORmail email address to appear in this directory, you must Modify Your UTORid Attributes via: https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/cgi-bin/utorid/modify.pl. You must also ensure your UTORmail email address is not listed in the phonebook (contact your directory coordinator if changes are required).

If you require further information, contact us at telecom.services@utoronto.ca

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