Search Information

Person searches are limited to a maximum of 25 results. To narrow your person search results, enter more information in the search fields provided. Faculty and staff can logon to the Advanced Directory to retry larger searches or generate employee lists by department.

Searches are case insensitive and do not require punctuation or special characters. For example, when searching on phone number, there is no need to enter dashes.

This directory uses Contains as a default for all search fields except for Last Name where you can specify whether you want to use Starts With (default) or Contains.

Starts With Example:
Entering "SMI" in the last name using Starts With will return people whose last names begin with SMI such as Smith, Smithwicks, Smith-Lee, etc.

Contains Examples:
Entering "SMI" in the last name using Contains will return people with SMI in their last names such as Arrowsmith, Goldsmith, Chad-Smith, Smith, etc.

This directory does wildcard searches via the Contains functionality. You do not have to use a wildcard character such as *. For example, using "HAR" in first name will return people with first names such as Harry, Sharon, etc.

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